Our  experience and expertise allow us to provide also a notable verity of services to many industries sch us Power generation, Oil & gas , Petrochemical and many others industries to meet all their needs.  Our team can provide:

Design and Engineering.

AL Hilal Fiber Glass can design, manufacture, install and service GRP /FRP or any other Plastic product for your specific needs. Our experienced, multinational staff consisting of a team of engineers and consultants and technical support specialists assist customers in the early planning and design stages of the project.

The end result is an engineered system that reduces lifecycle costs and provide an optimized reliable solution.


Field installation & site assistance

For On-site installation work, AL Hilal Fiber and its Partners can offer installation, assembling, laminating, welding and supervision services of all type of GRP products, led by a well experienced and multilingual team.

Inspection and Maintenance

Also, Al Hilal Fiber glass can provide well integrated solutions and such repairing, refurbishing, upgrading and inspecting services to maintain existing products. This service will definitely help our costumer to reduce their downtime cost and maintain a high sustainable quality of their products.

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